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Welcome to Discover Angling where we work to introduce youth and other groups to the joys of angling. 

The dedicated people here have committed themselves to providing youth with an environment where they can not only learn about angling, but actually experience the joy of being on the water and landing a fish. We will help our participants reach an understanding that angling can play a major part in their lives replacing other less productive activities.​

We will establish partnerships with manufacturers and other angling suppliers and groups to enhance and support our programs

Angling is the way to a richer fuller life.

Our Mission



Our mission is to give youth the opportunity to experience the rewards that come with the sport of angling. With that goal firmly in mind, we strive to provide a quality program to motivate and challenge each new angler, while providing for individual differences and special needs that may arise.

Who We Are


We are a group of fisherman that want to give something back to our community. The ocean has provide us recreation and food that we can share with our families. The disadvantaged kids our communities consist of many that have never had the joy and bounty of what the ocean has to offer. In fact, many of the kids have never been on a boat on the ocean and some have never even seen the ocean.


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