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To all of our supporters

Welcome to Discover Angling, a project to introduce youth to the joys and pleasures of angling.  Your active support and cooperation, combined with our best professional efforts, will ensure success that comes with youth turning their efforts toward rewarding activities like angling. I am proud of our volunteers and sponsors, and I feel fortunate to work with such a dedicated and talented group of mentors.

The specific purposes of this organization are to (1) educate the public about sport fishing; (2) encourage youth to explore angling activities; (3) provide positive angling experiences for disadvantaged youth; (4) provide education and activities related to conservation efforts; (5) provide opportunities for recreational sport anglers to convey their experiences to youth; and (6) provide positive educational opportunities regarding sports angling to the public. 

We invite you to become involved in Discover Angling and encourage you to visit our website often. The mentor, youth groups, and fishing facilities partnership is strengthened by your involvement. We are encouraged when we see there is a spirit of change for the better that comes with our activities.

There will be many angling activities and events throughout the year that will give you the opportunity to become involved in our program. We encourage you to make these activities a part of your schedule. We realize that not all sponsors and donors can attend our functions, but we encourage you to participate in any way you can.

* listen to our youths describing their angling activities

* participate in our fund raising 

* read the results of our efforts

* suggest ways we can be more effective

* volunteer to be a mentor

Please feel free to stop in and introduce yourself to us, or to ask a question about anything that concerns you. We look forward to working together as partners in this monumental effort. 

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